Meet the Cast of “A Christmas Carol”: Sasha Steiner

Meet Sasha Steiner, who plays Little Fan and Miner Child in A Christmas Carol.

Sasha Steiner
A Christmas Carol continues through December 24.
Learn more about the production and order tickets.
How many times have you been in A Christmas Carol?
I've done this twice—last time I was Miner Child/Precious.

What's your favorite thing about San Francisco during the holidays?
Union Square, because of the lights and the ice skating rink.

What is your favorite Christmas carol?
"Jingle Bell Rock."

What are your favorite holiday traditions?
1. Getting a Christmas tree and opening presents on Christmas Day! 2. Performing a Christmas song in front of my friends and family.

What is the best gift you've ever given or received?
Given to a kid: big Pillow Pet. Received from someone: a big fat sphere sheep with a tutu.

What is your favorite moment in A Christmas Carol?
The song we sing when the Ghost of Christmas Present appears, our new carol when the world comes out.

Who is your favorite character in A Christmas Carol?
Young Scrooge! First, because he is my character's brother this year, and because of the actor and the character.

What do you want for the holidays this year?
A snake—and to bring spirit to kids.

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