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My Grand-Everything

Posted by Liana Winternitz, Marketing Fellow Liana and Tita Mona catch up at Liana's sister's wedding rehearsal. In 4000 Miles , 21-year-old Leo moves in with his 91-year-old grandmother, Vera. Despite their differences, they discover connections that span generations, and 4000 Miles has encouraged many of us on the A.C.T. staff to think about our relationships with our own grandparents. Do you (or did you) have an especially meaningful relationship with a grandparent (or grandchild)? Share your photos and stories on our Facebook page for a chance  to win a $50 gift card to Mike's Bikes! Here is the story of A.C.T. Marketing Fellow Liana Winternitz's relationship with her "grand-everything," Tita Mona. I can remember as a child being hesitant to answer the phone, fearing that it was an older relative calling to chat. I thought chatting was boring, mostly because everyone always asked the same questions: "How is school going?" "How&

Sky High: The 2013 Sky Festival

Posted by Sharon Rietkerk, Marketing Project Manager Sky Festival scheduling = Excel jigsaw puzzle! The annual A.C.T. Sky Festival is a dynamic event that brings together the A.C.T. community in the creation, rehearsal, and performance of a vibrant and eclectic range of work. Each year A.C.T. Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) Program students and faculty, core acting company members, and artistic staff submit proposals for projects they are personally passionate about, offering students an opportunity to approach work from multiple angles, from directing to devising to performing. Ranging from self-written work to movement-based interpretations of printed texts and conventional explorations of "straight plays," the chosen projects (12 this year) are developed over two weeks of intense rehearsal and exploration, culminating in two days of studio presentations. But how do you get three classes of M.F.A. Program students, 12 projects, plus faculty and advisors sorted out to