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Meet Adam O'Byrne, who plays Valentine Coverly in Arcadia

Name: Adam O'Byrne
Role: Valentine Coverly

What are your preshow/postshow rituals?
I like to have a cup of Lady Grey tea before the show and a chat with my dressing room roommate, Nick Pelczar [who plays Ezra Chater], after the show . . . occasionally we toast our work with an adult refreshment.

What is your favorite thing about San Francisco?
Walking to work. I live in L.A., so just being able to walk this city is wonderful.

If you could live during a different cultural period, what period would it be and why?
I'd like to visit a lot of different periods: Elizabethan England and Ancient Greece, to name a couple. But I like living in the here and now!

What was your favorite discovery during the rehearsal process for Arcadia?
I was happy to discover the nuances of the Val/Hannah relationship. How they communicate, the depth of the feelings between them, and the growth of their professional partnership. Carey [Perloff, the director,] was very clear in wanting this relationshi…