Meet the Cast of “A Christmas Carol”: Nicholas Pelczar

Meet Nicholas Pelczar, who plays Bob Cratchit in A Christmas Carol.

Nicholas Pelczar
A Christmas Carol continues through December 24.
Learn more about the production and order tickets.
How many times have you been in A Christmas Carol?
This is my third time in Carol. I’ve played Bob Cratchit once before and when I was an M.F.A. Program student here I played Fred.

What's your favorite thing about San Francisco during the holidays?
This is a little hokey, but I really love the puppies in the windows at Macy’s—is there anything cuter?

What is your favorite Christmas carol?
It’s gotta be “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”—I sang a choral version of it in a show once and it was such a pleasure to get to that part of the show every night.

What are your favorite holiday traditions?
They really center around food—we celebrate our Polish heritage in my family by having pierogies and potato soup on Christmas Eve. Then we have an amazing brunch the next morning after opening presents. Finally, for Christmas Day dinner we have a fairly traditional English pot roast to celebrate our family’s other heritage.

What is the best gift you've ever given or received?
I once got a dancing kung-fu hamster doll. It’s pretty spectacular.

What is your favorite moment in A Christmas Carol?
I love watching when Scrooge encounters the Charitables on the street on Christmas Day—they are so surprised!

Who is your favorite character in A Christmas Carol?
I love Mrs. Dilber—she’s hilarious!

What do you want for the holidays this year?
I’d be happy with anything this year.

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