Home Improvement: A.C.T.'s 30 Grant Offices Get a Facelift

By Annie Sears

Turns out, even watching paint dry can be fun.

The hallway walls of our 30 Grant offices are usually decorated with posters from previous productions. But last week, they were stripped to prepare for a new coat of paint. With an infinite number of paint colors in existence, selecting a single shade was no simple task. It required everyone.

Staff members voted on their favorite shade by signing their name to the piece of paper below their favorite swatch. A few days of playful bickering ensued. After all, each color carried implications. Yellow, for example, is peppy and potentially inspiring, but blue might do a better job calming the stress of a busy season. Some ideas were more bold. Maybe we should paint a mural, or do a collage of colors. Why limit our fun?

But in the end, Celestia Blue proved the clear winner, earning a whopping 20 votes. The runner up only earned eight. In that sense, this was a paint-by-number project—one that proved a success.

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