Masters of Merry-Making: Returning YC Actors in Carol Part Two

By Elspeth Sweatman

With A Christmas Carol pulling in crowds at the Geary Theater, we reached out to five of our Young Conservatory returning actors—Alejandra Zavala (11 years old), Mattea Fountain (12 years old), Maximilian Wix (12 years old), Pilar Rivas (11 years old), and Seth Weinfield (13 years old)—to ask about their Carol experiences. This is Part Two.

The Young Conservatory actors of the 2017 production of A Christmas Carol.
What is your favorite part of the show?

Pilar Rivas: My favorite part of the show is the beginning. Everything is so bright and lively. My favorite part about being in the show is meeting all the wonderful people.

What has been the most challenging part of being in the show?

Mattea Fountain: I live in the East Bay, so it's a solid hour of travel from home to the theater, and then another hour back. Over the course of two months that is hard on me and my family. I usually don't get all eight days of Hanukkah with my family, but I do get to celebrate with my theater family! Each role brings new challenges: learning lines, projecting, learning a new dance—that's what keeps it interesting.

Seth Weinfield: Two-show days can be hard. It’s especially hard to keep your energy up for the second show, but a coffee run really helps!

What have you learned by being in A Christmas Carol?

Alejandra Zavala: I have learned to do things that I never imagined I could ever do. For example, twirling my hips as a Turkish fig in a way that makes the audience laugh with joy. A.C.T. has opened my mind to have fun even when I'm put under pressure.

How have you grown as a performer?

Max Wix:
 I have learned that if you make a mistake, the adult actors do a really good job of improvising, which makes the audience think that you were supposed to make the mistake all along. Someday, I’ll be able to improvise as well as the older actors.

Come celebrate the holidays with us! A.C.T.'s production of A Christmas Carol runs through December 24 at The Geary Theater. Click here to purchase tickets through our website.

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