Morris Panych's 7 Stories at A.C.T.

By A.C.T. Publications Staff

On the seventh-story ledge of an apartment building, a man stands. He pauses, ready to jump, but is suddenly interrupted by a string of neighbors and partygoers—a pair of murderous lovers, a suspicious shrink, and an ex-actor with a false mustache and 150 million reasons for marriage. In 7 Stories, Canadian writer and director Morris Panych weaves together multiple narratives involving gunshots, cocktails, nurses, God, and one particular umbrella to create a sharp and unpredictable dark comedy.

Artwork for A.C.T.'s 2017 production of 7 Stories.
Morris Panych is a prolific theater artist who has written more than 30 plays and directed 90 across Canada. He is the recipient of more than 50 awards for his work. He last collaborated with A.C.T. in 2009 when he directed his play Vigil. And before that, he staged his and Wendy Gorling's 2005 adaptation of The Overcoat, based on the nineteenth-century short story by Nikolai Gogol.

7 Stories runs February 22–25 at The Rueff at A.C.T.'s Strand Theater, 1127 Market St. Click here to purchase tickets through our website

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