A.C.T.'s Let There Be Love Prologue Podcast

A Prologue Discussion: Director Maria Mileaf Talks About Let There Be Love at A.C.T.

In this exciting preshow discussion, A.C.T. Dramaturg Michael Paller discusses Let There Be Love with director Maria Mileaf. Mileaf’s passion for plays with strong characters led her to Kwame Kwei-Armah’s unforgettable work about a cantankerous, aging West Indian immigrant whose life and family relationships are transformed by a young Polish caregiver who has recently arrived in London. Mileaf has said that the play is bound to create a unique relationship between the actors and audience: “It’s a three-character play; they all have very different perspectives on the world, but they’re all dealing with the same events—maybe the person next to you is going to see the story through the point of view of a different character from the one you are most drawn to. That’s going to make for an interesting conversation after the show.” Mileaf discusses the rich world of Let There Be Love, from the dynamic sets (inspired by the living rooms of actual West Indian immigrants) to Kwei-Armah’s intimate story about immigrants finding home and discovering camaraderie with the unlikeliest of people.

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For more about Let There Be Love, be sure to read our latest edition of Words on Plays! Click here to order online.

For tickets to Let There Be Love visit act-sf.org/love.

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