Meet Rafael Karpa-Wilson, who plays Ned Cratchet in A.C.T.'s A Christmas Carol.

Rafael Karpa-Wilson
A Christmas Carol
Showing Dec 6 - 28.
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Meet Rafael Karpa-Wilson, who plays Ned Cratchet and understudies for the role of Ian DeVaynes in A Christmas Carol.

How many times have you been in A Christmas Carol?
I have never before acted in A Christmas Carol. I am really enjoying my first time being a part of it.
What are your favorite holiday traditions?
Every year for Christmas we go to my aunt's house for 3 days, which I enjoy extremely. I always look forward to that.

What's your favorite thing about the Bay Area during the holidays?
I love all the Christmas lights at night - they look so beautiful.

What is your favorite moment in A Christmas Carol?
My favorite moment, or scene, is when Scrooge first comes home and Mrs. Dilber is there. I think both of Mrs. Dilber's scenes are hilarious.

Who is your favorite character in A Christmas Carol?
Mrs Dilber, of course. She is completely hilarious.

What is your favorite holidary food/treat?
Apple pie. Every year a family friend who comes to Christmas bakes great apple pie.”

What is your favorite Christmas movie?
One of my aunts, uncles, and dad's favorites: an old movie called "A Christmas Story".

The cast of A Christmas Carol in rehearsal (with Rafael) during Cratchet Family Dinner.

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