Meet Blair Busbee, who plays the Ghost of Christmas Past in A Christmas Carol.

Blair Busbee
A Christmas Carol
Showing Dec 6 - 28.
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Meet Blair Busbee, who plays the Ghost of Christmas Past in A Christmas Carol.

How many times have you been in A Christmas Carol?
This is my first Christmas Carol extravaganza!
What are your favorite holiday traditions?
I always get to open one present on Christmas Eve. And it's always pajamas.

What's your favorite thing about the Bay Area during the holidays?
I love to go to Macy's to watch the puppies and kittens that play in the display window on the corner of Stockton and O'Farrell. Then, I fantasize about adopting one of them. Then I cry, because I can't...and I go to the other side of Macy's where I oo and ah at the hundreds of reefs glowing in the windows.

What is your favorite moment in A Christmas Carol?
My favorite part of A Christmas Carol is the Ghost of Christmas Future sequence at the end. I especially love when the business men are hissing and laughing together. On a lighter note, my other favorite moment is when Little Fan gives Boy Scrooge their mother's ring. I'm a bit sentimental...but the mean business men still win.

Who is your favorite character in A Christmas Carol?
My favorite character is SCROOGE! I love to watch the little boy in him slowly shine through. I melt when I watch him during the Fezziwig dance, and by the end he's giggling and dancing in the streets!

What is your favorite holiday food/treat?
My momma's chicken and dumplings! And, am I allowed to say hot toddies?

What is your favorite Christmas movie?
It's a Wonderful Life. Get's me every time. "George Bailey, I'll love you till the day I die." ...or Home Alone, because haven't we all slapped ourselves in the face and screamed because we wanted to be like Kevin when he puts on aftershave for the first time??? Right?...Right. 

Blair Busbee playing Ghost of Christmas Present (on swing) during A Christmas Carol.

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