Meet Joseph Anthony Foronda, who plays six characters in Stuck Elevator! Having received three Joseph Jefferson Awards for his work in Chicago, we think he can handle it.

Name: Joseph Anthony Foronda
Roles: Boss’ Wife, Dancer, Elevator, Old Guāng, General Tso, Zhōng Yi
Joseph Anthony Foronda
Stuck Elevator runs April 4–28.
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What are your preshow/postshow rituals?
I try to arrive 1–2 hours early before our call time to relax, stretch, and go over any notes by walking the stage and audience area.

What is your favorite thing about San Francisco?
I have too many favorite things about the city. In no particular order: the scenic beauty, proximity to the Pacific, the food, the people. . . friendly and warm.

What is your favorite Stuck Elevator song and why?
"Delivery": it's the old-fashioned idea of communicating and having a relationship via the mail system; the contrast of "the patient wait" versus the immediacy of today's electronic "right now" mindset. Beautifully sung by Mr. Ahn and Ms. Arcilla.

Six characters! How do you do it?
I think, as an actor, multiplicity would be a fun process. Who wouldn't enjoy playing multiple roles?

The ensemble plays various characters exist in the imagination of the main character,
Guāng. Can you share one aspect of Guāng that is illuminated by your character(s)?

I bring out Guāng's sense of jealousy of another male persona who he thinks has a better life. It's basic human nature to covet, in my humble opinion.

If you were to battle it out with a monster, who would you be and what would be your super
hero power?

I'd be Marvel's Daredevil, the blind-but-sense-heightened superhero who also uses his smarts to battle crime.

Joseph Anthony Foronda in Stuck Elevator rehearsal.
Photo courtesy of Julius Ahn.
We're impressed with your three-time Joseph Jefferson Award winner status! Can you share a memorable experience from your time in Chicago?
The play was Pacific Overtures (Chicago Shakespeare Theater, 2001). There was apparently a lot at stake hinging on the success of the show. The concept was the minimalization of a perceived "big musical," with a multiracial cast. It had poor sales at the start of the run (lots of walkouts, even Asian audience members left), but it ended up selling out, going to the Donmar Warehouse in London, and winning many awards. The wonderful set for Pacific Overtures was designed by the wonderful [Stuck Elevator scenic designer] Dan Ostling!

Read Joseph Anthony Foronda's full bio on the A.C.T. Stuck Elevator show page.

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