Meet Cindy Im, who returns to us after 4000 Miles to join the cast of Stuck Elevator.

Name: Cindy Im
Role: Understudy for Marie-France Arcilla

Cindy Im
Stuck Elevator runs April 4–28.
Learn more about the production and order tickets.

What are your preshow/postshow rituals?
Preshow: Vocal and physical warm-ups and a cup of green tea. I also find the ritual of putting on makeup and doing hair to be really centering. Postshow: the bar!

What is your favorite thing about San Francisco?
It's so beautiful here. When I drive across the Bay Bridge or go to Land's End, I'm reminded of how lucky we are that this is available to us at any time. And the food is amazing!

What is your favorite song and why?
"Men Meiyou Kai" is my favorite. It's the only song in the show that's sung in Mandarin, and the melody is gorgeous and haunting. Julius is able to convey so much in that song, and we don't need to understand the words he's saying to know what he's feeling.

The ensemble plays various characters to that draw out the complexity of the main character
Guāng. Can you share one aspect of Guāng that is illuminated by your character(s)?

Míng, his wife, serves simultaneously as his greatest source of comfort and his greatest anguish. He misses her and dreams of bringing her and their son to the States, but because he owes his smuggler such an exorbitant amount for getting him to the States, there's no way he can make enough money for his dream to ever become a reality.

If you were to battle it out with a monster, who would you be and what would be your super
hero power?

Oh, wow. Hmm . . . I want to be able to teleport! But I guess that would mean that I wouldn't be sticking around to fight.

You've had many stunning Bay Area theater credits, but have also performed in 11 Septembre 2001 in France. Can you tell us about your experience with that play?
It was truly amazing. It was an 11-person play with a French playwright, a French director, and all American actors. The piece recounted the events on the day of 9/11 from the perspective of the people at or near the Twin Towers. It was 25 minutes long, but the director had us perform the piece three times in a row for each performance, switching characters each time. We performed the show first at the REDCAT in Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, then took the show to France for six weeks, performing at the Theatre Dijon Bourgogne, the Theatre de Treize Vents in the south of France, and then the National Theatre of Paris. We'd sightsee during the day and perform at night. The National Theatre has two theaters and a bar on the bottom floor, so when both shows got out (it was still light out because we were there during the summer and the sun didn't set until close to 11 p.m.), we all headed to the bar and had the most wonderful time. There was even an accordion player there most nights. It was an actor's dream come true.

Read Cindy Im's full bio on the A.C.T. Stuck Elevator show page.

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