Meet the cast of "Dead Metaphor": Rebekah Brockman

Meet Rebekah Brockman, who plays Jenny Trusk in Dead Metaphor.

Rebekah Brockman
Dead Metaphor runs through March 24.
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Rebekah Brockman as Jenny Trusk and George Hampe as Dean Trusk in Dead Metaphor. Photo by Kevin Berne.
What are your preshow/postshow rituals? 
Preshow: Warm-up, spray on a bit of my mother's perfume (I never set foot onstage without it on), and then watch the first scene from the wings.
Postshow: Beer and Sleep!

What are your favorite things about San Francisco?
The history, the architecture, and the ocean when the fog comes in.

If you weren't an actor, what would you be? 
Realistic Answer: A director.
Fantasy Answer: A BASE Jumper.

What was your most memorable job interview/audition?
I recently had a callback for a role and one of my mentors was auditioning for the same play. She offered to come in and read with me audition. It was extremely gracious of her and put me at ease in the room. I booked the job. I believe that the established people who put their name on the line for the younger generation and support them, are the people worth following. It is a moment that I want to pay forward to the generation after me.

What is your favorite moment in Dead Metaphor?
I love watching Sharon Lockwood run "in character" and I have to stifle laughter every time Anthony makes his entrance on the bike (well, Anthony's bike scene in general).

Which character do you identify with the most?
Jenny, first and foremost. But also aspects of Frannie and Hank.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
BASE Jumping.

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