Check Out A.C.T.'s War Music Multimedia Extravaganza

This week the mood around A.C.T. is rife with anticipation. After four years of development, including two intensive movement workshops, two public readings, hundreds of hours of meetings and discussions and late-night brainstorming sessions, four weeks of rehearsal, and five preview performances, our world-premiere production of War Music, Lillian Groag’s brand-new adaptation of Christopher Logue’s visceral account of Homer’s Iliad, is set to open, finally and officially, on Wednesday night.

As a preview of this eagerly awaited event—which features a cast of 13 actors seamlessly weaving in and out of 42 roles, original choreography and music, a disco ball, smoke, and bubbles—we’ve compiled a multimedia playground of all things War Music. Come visit ancient Greece, reimagined for the future.

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